Harris County 9-1-1 call centers are experiencing EXTREMELY high call volume. Calls are backed up, and call takers trying to process calls as quickly as possible.

9-1-1 systems ARE WORKING.

Houston 9-1-1, Harris County Sheriff's Office and other centers are VERY Busy. Be Patient. Your call is in the system don't hang up. If you hang up, that will take longer for ALL calls to be answered. Only contact 9-1-1 for life-threatening emergencies, such as rescues.

DO NOT contact 9-1-1 to check on the status of the weather, flooded roads, road closures, power outages or other nonemergency inquiries. These calls are delaying help to true emergencies.

If you have a LIFE THREATENING emergency:

  1. Call 9-1-1, stay on the line and DON’T HANG UP until your call is answered.
  2. Answer all questions and follow all instructions